Welcome to Running & Plants

Hello friend, welcome here!

I am your lovely, somewhat cynical host, Cyndel (and that is Newt…)


Wowowowowowowow, it has been a while. Over the course of my life, I have had a few different online spaces where I write things. It is something I keep coming back to because it gives me so much joy. I love writing, thinking, connecting, and sharing things I am super passionate about – especially with those that share those same passions, or who are trying to figure it all out – because, same.

The past year of my life has been SO crazy beautiful and I am SO grateful. There was a time there before that where things were a little scary, but that is life and we can hash that out another time. As I have been reflecting recently, I have jokingly said all the good things in my life are the byproduct of running. Writing this I would like to amend that statement to include biking and eating plants 😂

Seriously though, all the good things in my life have been brought to me by running, biking, and eating plants which is why it feels right to call this space Running & Plants. You can expect to see posts related to veganism, gardening, sustainability, running, biking, exploring, and well-being. I hope you will follow along on this journey, say hi, and share bits of your life with me!

I do not expect that we will always agree, and I do not expect I will always say the right things or have the best answers, but that’s ok. We are all on this weird and beautiful journey together. I hope you stay tuned!

With love, love, love, ❤ Cyndel

Seminole Organic Garden; Tree Frog



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