Tally Trails: Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Hello Friends, welcome here!

As you all may have gathered, I spend a lot of time outdoors! Between biking, running, and walking my dog, I am constantly taking advantage of the various parks and trails in Tallahassee. So, I figured I would share some of my favorite places with you! The first trail I would like to introduce you to is Lafayette Heritage Trail Park – the very first trail I visited in Tallahassee. 

It is easy to see why this trail in Tallahassee is my favorite place to log some miles. The big beautiful oaks, spanish moss, lilypad filled lakes, and of course, the canopy bridge. From the trailhead across the canopy bridge and back, you’re looking at a nice three mile run. 


The canopy bridge is this big, ascending bridge that takes you up into the tree tops and is by far one of the most iconic trail spots in Tally.  The bridge overlooks the lakes and crosses over the train tracks. It is a nice place to stop for some water, stretch, and take some incredible photos.

Overall, I would say this trail is very beginner friendly! The trail is well maintained and mostly free of roots. The trail is dirt and packed clay. It is relatively flat with a few rolling hills. Best of all, the trail is clearly marked and easy to navigate for those new to hitting the trails! 


Lafayette Heritage Trail Park is one of my favorite places to do slow runs or recovery runs. The beautiful scenery makes it easy to slow down and appreciate the world around me. There is all sorts of plants and wildlife around the park – yes, including alligators. This park is actually where I saw my *first* Florida gator!

A cool thing about this park that took me a while to figure out is how it is connected to Tom Brown Park and the J.R. Alford Greenway. This one trail connects to so many other trails it makes it easy to log longer milage while keeping things new and fun and fresh. I need new and run and fresh. I don’t do loops 😂


No matter the season or your reason for visiting, this park will not disappoint. It is a particularly beautiful place to catch an incredible sunset with the ones you love! If you have ever visited this amazing trail, drop your thoughts in the comments below!

Love, love, love ❤ Cyndel


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