Motivational Monday Pt. 2

Hello friends, welcome here!

So, welcome to this week’s installment of Motivational Monday! For last week’s, click here. This quote is yet another that I love and feel like it applies deeply to my life and the work that I do. A friend of mine from grad school shared it a while back and I have thought on it and thought on it since.

To me, this quote makes me think of the work I do supporting and educating students and sustainability. A lot of work that we do is thankless. No one sees the hours that go into making a successful program or creating policy change. They see the highs, the finished products, our shining moments of slaying the dragon – it is easy to love the world in those moments. What is harder is waking up the next day with still a million battles and the odds stacked against the work you are doing – because people don’t believe in it – but loving them, hard, anyway.

With love, love, love ❤ Cyndel

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