What’s In My (Bike) Bag

Hello friends, welcome here! I’m back with some more riveting bike content for you all! A little while ago, I shared what I learned from a year of commuting by bike. My commuting set up has changed a lot since I started biking (still the same bike though 😂). The first few weeks of biking, … Continue reading What’s In My (Bike) Bag

Green fatigue? Eco Anxiety? How to keep fighting the good fight.

Hello friends, welcome here.  One of my amazing grad students runs a blog and posted something yesterday that I think is worth a conversation. Although she did not use these words, her post, “The Weight of the World” makes me think of “Green Fatigue” or “Eco Anxiety” - two terms to sum up a very … Continue reading Green fatigue? Eco Anxiety? How to keep fighting the good fight.

Tally Trails: Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Hello Friends, welcome here! As you all may have gathered, I spend a lot of time outdoors! Between biking, running, and walking my dog, I am constantly taking advantage of the various parks and trails in Tallahassee. So, I figured I would share some of my favorite places with you! The first trail I would … Continue reading Tally Trails: Lafayette Heritage Trail Park

Oh, Subscription Boxes.

Hello friends, welcome here! *ahem* Excuse me as I pull out my soap box… I hate monthly subscription services. There, I said it. A subscription box is a service that regularly (usually monthly) delivers a box of goods to your door. Some boxes are curated based off of your interests making them highly personalized, some … Continue reading Oh, Subscription Boxes.

On Being the “Sustainability Person”

I love being “Sustainability Person". You know, the person you turn to after you finish your Starbucks drink and ask, "Can this be recycled?" To which I will give you an elaborate response that you never asked for, but you'll listen because you can see the joy it brings me to share my knowledge with … Continue reading On Being the “Sustainability Person”